Art Print (Riso) / Map Crystallography 地図の雪華図説

Art Print (Riso) / Map Crystallography 地図の雪華図説

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Size: A4 w210 x h297 mm Print: Risograph Paper: white paper Year: 2019 ─────────────── The fictional snowflakes made by layering maps are turned into specimen-like mini-posters. This poster includes four regions of Japan: Japan, Hokkaido, Hachijojima, and Okinawa. ABOUT A project to create ficitional snowflakes that don't exist, by overlaying maps from all over the world. As you look at them, you will see a beautiful world of snow created by the topography of the world in all its shapes. We could find new snowflakes in the results of human surveying, called maps. The beauty of this non-existent coincidence may bring new questions to our eyes. Notes: Due to the characteristics of Risograph, there is a risk of ink sticking to your hand if you touch the surface directly. The product will be delivered in a clear PP bag. ─────────────── 地図を重ねて作る、架空の雪の結晶を、標本のようなミニポスターにしました。このポスターは日本にまつわる、「日本列島」「北海道」「八丈島」「沖縄」の4つの地域を収録しています。 ABOUT 存在しない、架空の雪の結晶を、世界各国の地図を重ね合わせて作るプロジェクト。眺めていると、十人十色の地形が生み出す、美しい雪の世界が広がります。地図という人類の測量の成果に新しい雪の華を見出す。その実在しない偶然の美しさは私達の眼に新たな問いかけをもたらすかもしれません。 注意点: ・リソグラフの特性上、表面を触るとインクが手に付着する恐れがあります。